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Prints and Posters



The following motifs are available as high-quality offset-prints. Each is limited to 150 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, printed on 270 gsm watercolour-paper in the format of A2 (42 x 59,4 cm, size of motif A3, 29,7 x 42 cm).

Price per print: 50 € plus postage



Escaping from the Black Riders

Balin's tomb

On the way to Edoras



The etchings are limited to 17 (Steward's son) and 20 (Ranger) copies respectively. They were handprinted, signed and numbered by the artist. The format is 25 x 35 cm. Since each print is an original, not two are exactly alike. This should be taken into consideration when ordering.

Price per print: 75 € plus postage.


Steward's son




The posters are digital prints in the format of A3 (29,7 x 42 cm).

Price per poster: 15 € plus postage.

The following and other motifs are also available at my Artflakes-Site


01: Éowyn and Faramir


02: Beren recovers a Silmaril


03: Lúthien prepares her escape from Hirilorn


04: The Lord of the Waters


05: Visiting Shadowfax


06: Arwen's gift


07: The Fox


08: Imrahil tend to his nephew


09: Tom Bombadil


10: Oromë espies the first Elves


11: The black serpent founders


12: The fostering of Tuor


13: And so they stood on the walls


14: Sleepless


15: Aredhel


16: The Parting


17: Following the Swans


18: Wedding portrait



19: He looked at her


20: The Hall of Fire

New 21: Tom and the Hobbits 1


New 22: Tom and the Hobbits 2


New 23: Ohtar takes leave of Isildur


New 24: The Ring has moved on


New 25: Daeron and Lúthien



New 26: The Funeral-boat of Boromir



New 27: The Hunting Party




There is also the possibility to produce these posters as "one-offs" of every other watercolour-painting by the artist (for an overview over Anke Eissmann's works please visit her website).

These and other motifs are also available at my Artflakes-Site