Following the "Troy"-commission, I was asked by Heel-Publishers to illustrate a book on Alexander the Great. "Alexander, Helden der Antike", again written by Stefan Servos and Anja Arendt. The book deals with the historical background of the famous Macedonian and provides infomation about the movie "Alexander" by Oliver Stone, which is due for release in November 2004. More information on the film can be found on Stefan Servos' website.

The illustrations consist of drawings of the chief characters, a selection of key-scenes from Alexander's life, as well as some historical artefacts, mostly from ancient Persia and Babylon. In addition I drew a large, foldable map showing Alexander's journeys. The drawings were executed in water-soluble ink. Below is a selection of the finished illustrations, with some preparatory sketches in pencil.

The map of Alexander's journeys
First sketch for Alexander, based on a statue
Alex with helmet
The actual ink-drawing of Alexander
Aristoteles, Alex' teacher
The Persian king Dareius, Alex' adversary
Sketches for the plundering and burning of Persepolis: I tried out various perspectives until I found a suitable one, as it was supposed to show both the splendour as well as the destruction of the city.
The final drawing.
Alexander's wedding with the Baktrian princess Roxane

The battle at the river Hydaspes (India).

The host crosses the Gedrosian desert, enduring much hardship.
Alexander grieves for his friend and lover Hephaistion.



A coin showing Alexander's image.




The handle of a Babylonian vessel in the form of a winged capricorn.