During my first semester of "visual communication" at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, I ended up doing a project on filmmaking and animation. Because the medium video offered great possibilities to fully employ my creativity, I stayed with it throughout my studies at the BUW. I tried my hand at a variety of genres, but liked animation best, especially when it involved animating drawings, thus combining my passion for drawing and my interest in filmmaking. Below are four examples of videofilms I made during my time at the BUW, the last being the film I created for my degree. Each image leads to a separate page about the respective film, with storyboards, conceptual sketches, stills, and quicktime-excerpts of the films themselves.

Jakob (with Erek Kühn and Marco Zeugner) 1997, stop-motion animation, ca 12min


Wyrd Gemot 1998, real-footage and 3D-computeranimation, ca 5min

Ääätsch! 1999, animation, ca 2min

Herborn 2001, real-footage and animation, ca 18min


About five years after my last animated film in 2006, I was asked by fellow teachers of Johanneum Gymnasium in Herborn (the school I was a student at and am now a teacher as well) to contribute a short animation to the film they were making for the school's 50th anniversary. I decided to animate the school's logo, Prometheus.

The finished clip was used as a break between different features in the film. The frames were drawn with edding on transparent paper.

Prometheus quicktime


In addition to my uni-films I've drawn a number of short animations inspired by the BBC's brilliant series Sherlock.