Wyrd Gemot 1998, real-footage and 3D-computeranimation, ca 5min

storyboard stills quicktimes

Wyrd Gemot, a short-film dealing with the search for inspiration, which was symbolised by an animated dragon, was my first journey into the field of 3D-computeranimation. It proved quite a challenge technically, especially when it came to combining the animations with the real-footage shot earlier. I was one of the first students in Weimar to attempt this combination, and thus had to battle imcompatible computer software and operating systems. But in the end it worked. A friend of mine, Marie-Noëlle Biemer, plays my alter ego that meets the dragon in a forest, and "Draco" agreed to star as the dragon.






Parts of film as quicktime-movies:

dragonflight (852kb)

close encounter (4mb)