Ääätsch! 1999, animation, ca 2min

In 1999, Weimar was "Cultural Capital of Europe". To celebrate this, the German TV-channel 3sat encouraged artists and filmmakers to create short one minute clips dealing with Weimar, its history, past, present, or famous inhabitants. My contribution was a short animated film about the monument of famous German poets Goethe and Schiller, which I passed by daily on my way to university and home again. The story is about a small child that, bored, begins to make faces in front of the two poets on the monument, until they wake up and take revenge.

The animation is pencil on tracing-paper. The frames were filmed separately with a digital camcorder, and edited digitally on Strata Sphere. The film was broadcasted on 3sat on May 29th 1999.




The entire film as quicktime-movie (6,2mb)