Jakob (with Erek Kühn and Marco Zeugner) 1997, stop-motion animation, ca 12min

storyboard sets stills quicktimes

Jakob was created in teamwork, in a project called "XX-Ungelöst". Early in 1997 the "Kinderkanal" (Children's Channel) had been established in Erfurt, not far from Weimar, and the project was about creating films and television for children that could be broadcasted on said channel. Our idea was to make a film with a wooden artist's puppet, in stop-motion animation. The story is about an unfinished puppet that comes to life at night and explores its maker's desk, "creating" itself the formerly missing face by accident and ingenuity.

For the film we rented a room in a student-accomodation to have a secure space for the sets. The film was filmed on Super-VHS over several weeks, and edited on an analogue S-VHS editor (this was before digital editing came along).


storyboard (drawn by me, based on the script written by the three of us)






Parts of film as quicktime-movies:

eyes (1mb)

nose (3,6mb)

on to the other shelf (2,5mb)


The film in two parts on youtube: