Consommé Althusius – Gedichte für Herborn

Published in November 2005 by the Historical Society (Geschichtsverein) of Herborn and Nomen Publishers, Frankfurt a.M., "Consommé Althusius" constitutes a collection of poem by author Johann Peter from Nenderoth. These poems vary from sharp and critical, to funny, nostalgic and dreamy. Together they encourage an unusual view onto the town and its history.

With my illustrations I tried to add my part to this book. I created eleven ink-drawings, as well as contributed the design and layout of the book. It can be purchased at the price of 7,50 € by Mr. Stoerkel, Herborn's town-historian and local bookstores.


The frontcover with text. The typeface, also used throughout the book, is Adobe Caslon.



The cover-illustration: the town hall is mirrored in a bowl of soup, next to it the "Herborner Tageblatt", the local newspaper.



One of the bears on the well on Kornmarkt




View of the town from Church Hill (Kirchberg)









Pub "Zum armen Icke"



Park "Alter Friedhof" (Old Churchyard)


An apparition of professors of Herborn's former university, the "High School" (Hohe Schule), on Kornmarkt

One of the most famous professors of "Hohe Schule", Jan Amos Comenius

Dilltower, once part of the city wall

Kaiser Wilhelm Monument

A fate that threatens many of the small shops in the town centre: unless the town stops building more and more malls and supermarkets in the peripherie.