Der letzte Drachenkrieger (The last dragon-warrior)

Another project for G&G Verlag: An illustrated children's book about the adventures of a boy who embarks on an expedition into the Alpes to find the mysterious "Manipoga". The book was published in August 2011.

I painted the cover illustration (in two parts, actually) and drew 25 interior illustrations in pencil, a selection of which can be seen below.

Part of the cover illustration, painted in watercolour. The background was painted separately to enable the designers to position the figure according to their needs.
Background for the cover illustration, also in watercolour.
Pakito, one of the Icepeople.
Simon arrives at Villa Grünwald.
Meeting the hunters.
The camp.
Inside the cave.
Simon and Cora discover cave paintings.
Pakito rescues Simon.
Farewell to Manipoga.