Ace Nine, a rockband that has recently released its first CD "Burgers by Satellite" asked me to design the interior of their CD-booklet. The coverartwork was created by the band's friend Bruce Coderre. I was responsible for the background-images and the layout of the booklet and the digipac. Since their music is inspired by 70s rock, they wanted the booklet to have a 1970s touch, as well as looking "spacy". Thus I used a typeface from that period, Franklin Gothic. The backgrounds were inspired by photographs from the surfaces of Mars and Moon. For more information on the band visit their website



Samplepages from the booklet


Booklet PDF

Digipac PDF


Originally a comic-style drawing was intented as the CD-cover. One of the band-members liked my original sketch so much that he asked me to turn it into an ink-drawing for him. Here's the result: