J R R Tolkien: The Lay of Leithian

Published in The History of Middle-Earth Vol. 3: The Lays of Beleriand, although some of the last paintings are inspired by The Silmarillion, as the Lay itself is unfinished. These watercolours were created in 2000/01, and are 40 x 22,5 cm in format


Daeron spies on Beren and Lúthien



Beren's trial


The archers of Nargothrond

Finrod is reminded of his oath

The death of Finrod Felagund

Lúthien prepares her escape from Hírilorn

The attack of Fëanor's sons

The parting

(this is the first version of the scene, which I rejected and painted again, because I was not entirely happy with the composition)

The parting


Beren recovers a Silmaril

The hunters set out

The Hunting-party I

The Hunting-party II

The quest fulfilled

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