Motivated by the impending cinematic release of Wolfgang Petersen's epic movie "Troy" in May 2004, Heel-Publishers in Königswinter, Germany are publishing a special of their Sci-Fi magazine SPACE VIEW entitled "Troja und die Helden der Antike", written by Stefan Servos and Anja Arendt. The book deals with the historical and mythological background of Homer's Epic and provides infomation about the movie. It is due for release in April 2004. More information about the film can be found on Stefan Servos' website.

I was commissioned to create illustrations for the book. Those were mostly to depict the heroes of Troy such as Achilles, Hektor and Odysseus, but I was also asked to draw some of the pieces found during the archaeological excavations, and decorative elements like ornamental frames and backgrounds. The drawings are in ink. Below is a small selection, as well as some sketches in pencil.

The three Goddesses
Sketch of Agamemnon
Sketch of Paris
Sketch of Odysseus



Backgroundillustration for the chapters about the mythological aspects of the Trojan War.




Sketch of the illustration.



Sketch for the backgroundillustration for the chapters about Troy in film and literature.





A piece from the excavation of Troy by Heinrich Schliemann.




Historical pottery.