Beowulf Illustrations I II

The illustrations were executed in charcoal and red chalks. I liked the idea of using natural materials that would have been available to the people during the time the poem was written. The colours red and black I had come across frequently in my research, and I thought them very appropriate for a dark and often quite bloody story.

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(the helmet is based on the helmets found in burials at Vendel and Valsgärde, Sweden, dating from the early Viking-period, late 6th and early 7th century AD)

The Barrow

The silver cup

(this drawing was inspired by a cup from the Viking-Age found at Jelling, Denmark, 10th century AD)

The thief and the dragon
The dragon awakes
The dragon attacks

Beowulf's shield

(the design of the shield was inspired by the shield found in the Anglo Saxon ship-burial at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, UK, early 7th century AD)

Battling the waves
The warriors set out

Bow and arrow

(the latter image was not used in the book)

The gallows (not used in book)
Beowulf addresses the warriors
The challenge
The dragon approaches

Beowulf I II