Tolkien-inspired Fanfiction

The following exchange of letters between Faramir and Éowyn is part of a continuing fanfiction story based on JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and related works. The earlier chapters are online roleplays (except for Frogbreeders, which I wrote as a birthday for a friend), and thus were written by many people who I like to thank here for their creative contribution. In chronological order, these stories are:

Frogbreeders (pdf) (set spring Third Age 2995)

The night the "Troll's Nose" burned down (set February Third Age 3008)

The Lebennin Conspiracy (Spring TA 3012) tbc

The Quest of Revenge (September Fourth Age 8)

Of Túrin and Visilya (November FA 8)

Teherin's Secret (November FA 8) tbc

Since reading these stories on the boards can be a little uncomfortable with a slow connection, I decided to edit the stories into a more readable format and convert them to pdfs. The first two can be found here:

Troll's Nose (pdf)

The Lebennin Conspiracy (first part) (pdf)

At the moment I'm in the process of writing a proper ending to the "Lebennin Conspiracy" as this story remains unfinished in the original thread. So look out for updates.

29.12.07: Here is the first: although still not entirely completed, I at least managed to write the story a little further: The Lebennin Conspiracy continued

Also, there is a timeline of events available.

Inspired by the stories and characters developed through these RPs, Lady_of_Rohan (who writes for Éowyn) and I (Khorazir, writing for Faramir) decided to carry on the tale. Beginning as a series of real letters which are not published here, at some point in the story we decided to switch to email instead. I will post the letters in chronological order. Since we are still in the process of continuing the story, watch out for regular updates.

The following exchange between Faramir and Éowyn is set in Fourth Age 10. The couple has just seen an addition to their family: the twins Meriadoc and Peregrin. Two days after their birth, Faramir receives a message from Minas Tirith urging him to return there. The message is a trap, because on the way to the City he and his company are ambushed, and Faramir taken captive. However, he manages to write a brief message to Éowyn and to send it home with his horse Narâk (as illustrated above):

Faramir's message, 28th Nenimë, Fourth Age 10

A few days after receiving this message, a way to communicate with her husband presents itself to Éowyn, in the form of the Noldo Lordel and his tame buzzard Aiglos.

They send a brief message with the bird, to which Faramir replies thus:

Faramir's letter, 9th Sulimë, FA 10

From then on they exchange messages regularly, in the hope Faramir's captor will not realise what is going on.

Éowyn, 11th Sulimë

Faramir, 12th Sulimë

Éowyn, 18th Sulimë

Faramir, 19th Sulimë

Éowyn, 20th Sulimë

Faramir, 22th Sulimë

Éowyn, 24th Sulimë

Faramir, 25th Sulimë

Al-Jahmîr (message arrives in Ithilien Sulimë 27th)

Éowyn, 27th Sulimë

Faramir, 30th Sulimë

Éowyn, 2nd Viressë

Faramir, 3rd Viressë

Éowyn, 8th Viressë

Faramir, 10th Viressë

Éowyn's reply to Al-Jahmîr, 10th Viressë

Éowyn, 16th Viressë

Teherin, 16th Viressë

Faramir, 17th Viressë

Éowyn, 20th Viressë

Faramir, 22nd Viressë

Éowyn, 24th Viressë

Faramir, 25th Viressë

Éowyn to Azrahil, 28th Viressë

Azrahil, 1st Lotessë

Éowyn to Azrahil, 5th Lotessë

Azrahil, 7th Lotessë

Éowyn to Azrahil and Faramir, 9th Lotessë

Azrahil,11th Lotessë

Éowyn to Faramir and Azrahil, 16th Lotessë

Faramir, 17th Lotessë

Éowyn, 23rd Lotessë

Faramir, 29th Lotessë

Éowyn, 7th Narië

Faramir, 9th Narië

Éowyn, 11th Narië

Faramir, 11th Narië

Éowyn, 17th Narië

Faramir, 19th Narië

Éowyn, 21st Narië This letter remains unanswered. Éowyn receives it back unread on the evening of Narië 23rd ...

We decided to roleplay the renion to allow for more interaction between the characters:


the aside-thread where the story can be discussed or commented upon



Although the "Reunion"-RP is not finished yet, we decided to continue with the story in the form of letters in order to retain the "real-time" effect. Some four months have passed since the events (still being) recounted in "Reunion".

Khorazîr, 24th Narquelië, Fourth Age 11

Faramir, 16th Hisimë

Éowyn, 22nd Hisimë

Faramir, 24th Hisimë

Faramir, 30th Hisimë

Éowyn, 4th Ringarë

Faramir, 6th Ringarë

Éowyn to Khorazîr, 6th Ringarë

Khorazîr, 3rd Narvinyë

Faramir, 15th Súlimë

Faramir, 1st Lótessë

Éowyn to Faramir, 7th Lótessë

Khorazîr, 7th Víressë (the letter Éowyn forwards to Faramir)

Faramir, 10th Lótessë


The story continues with yet another RP: "The Snake's Checkmate". The title says it all, I reckon:

The Snake's Checkmate

A painting inspired by this story: "Watching the game"

And a drawing of Faramir: "Half a Southron"

Also, there is a number of additional drawings for The Snake's Checkmate in the drawings-section.