Tolkien-inspired Fanfiction


• Third Age 2965 – Khorazîr born, second son of Salkanthôr, Lord of Khiblat Pharazôn (siblings: brother Rhudakîl, born 2957, and sister Fatîje, born 2971)

• TA 2966 – Marek Al-Jahmîr born, first son and third child of Mahîd Al-Jahmîr, Lord of Ihimbra al-Soor
• TA 2966 – Dereja born in Khiblat Pharazôn

• TA 2980 – Zohrân Al-Jahmîr, bastard son of Mahîd Al-Jahmîr and half-brother of Marek born in Ihimbra

• TA 2983 – Faramir son of Denethor born in Minas Tirith on Nénimë 19th

• TA 2984 – Narejde born in Pelargir (her Gondorian name being Silwen). Her father is a march-warden in the Ethir Anduin

• TA 2986 – Túrin son of Húrin born in Minas Tirith on Víressë 1st

• TA 2987 – Maradir born in Rohan on Ringarë 20th

• TA 2995 – Éowyn born on Narvinyë 22nd
• TA 2995 – Faramir and his friends Maradir and Túrin found the first Guild of Frogbreeders in Minas Tirith (Frogbreeders)
• TA 2995 – wedding of Khorazîr and Dereja on Midsummer’s Day

• TA 2996 – the settlement where Narejde’s parents live in the Ethir is ravaged by Umbarian corsairs. Her family is slain, she is taken prisoner and brought to Umbar, where she is sold as a slave. She spends the next three years as a minor labourer in the households of various Umbarian traders and nobles.

• TA 2997 – birth of Imrazôr, first son of Khorazîr and Dereja

• TA 2998 – Rhudakîl and Salkanthôr are slain in a skirmish at the border of Khiblat Pharazôn by mercenaries in the pay of a certain Gimilkhâd, a warlord paid by Mahîd Al-Jahmîr; Khorazîr assumes lordship of the realm.

• TA 2999 – Narejde enters into the household of Mahîd Al-Jahmîr.

• TA 3001 – Faramir (aged 18) joins the Rangers of Ithilien in early summer.
• TA 3001 – birth of Aravôr, second son of Khorazîr and Dereja on Urimë 1st; Dereja falls critically ill, and Khorazîr sends out an expedition to Minas Tirith to acquire the rare cure. They manage to get it, but on the return journey the company is encountered by rangers on the Harad Road in Ithilien. All Southrons but one are slain. Khorazîr’s nephew Erhamôr (born 2984), his brother’s son, manages to escape with the cure but his shot by Faramir who watches him die, but does not learn the purpose of the errand, but is given the phial with the vital cure, without knowing of its importance. The escaped Haradan flees to Khorazîr and tells him of his nephew’s death. Shortly afterwards Dereja dies, and Khorazîr swears to avenge her and kill the Steward’s son.
• TA 3001 – Marek Al-Jahmîr marries Zoraîde of the House of Bêlzagar of Azmath.

• TA 3002 – birth of Minastir, first son of Marek Al-Jahmîr and Zoraîde

• TA 3005 – Zohrân Al-Jahmîr returns to Ihimbra from military training in the Far Harad and starts a relationship with Narejde.
• TA 3005 – birth of Adûnakhôr Al-Jahmîr
• TA 3005 – Faramir accidentally meets his former teacher Lindórië, now Lady of Lebennin and married to Tarannon, Lord of Lebennin, and falls in love. It ensues a quiet, restrained relationship consisting mostly of letters that lasts until TA 3012 (The Lebennin Conspiracy)

• TA 3007 – birth of Azrahil Al-Jahmîr, son of Narejde and Zohrân. Immediately after his birth, he is taken from his mother, who is told he perished at birth. Narejde manages to flee Ihimbra but is hunted by Zohrân. She is outlawed, and takes up a life as a bandit, and the name of Naeramarth.

• TA 3008 – Faramir’s coming of age on Nenimë 19th. The night prior to this event is known as the Night the Troll’s Nose burned down, during which a conspiracy against the Steward is discovered and uprisings in Minas Tirith quelled by Faramir and his friends. His friend Túrin son of Lord Húrin of the Keys meets Visilya, Captain of the Secret Guard and falls in love; Maradir meets Visilya’s half-sister Aliya and likewise falls in love. (The Night the Troll’s Nose burned down)

• TA 3009 – birth of Khazen Al-Jahmîr
• TA 3009 – Faramir is made Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien.

• TA 3012 – in the spring of that year Faramir and a company of rangers, accompanied by Lindórië of Lebennin and some of his friends, are sent to Lebennin by Steward Denethor to reveal a conspiracy against the Steward engineered by Lindórië’s husband Tarannon and his vicious counsellor Grendelenoth. Faramir has his first serious clash with Falastur, Lord of Pelargir, and earns the enmity of Tarannon’s brother Carandil. In the course of events, both Grendelenoth and Lindórië are slain, and Tarannon is murdered before he can reveal more about the conspiracy. (
The Lebennin Conspiracy and The Lebennin Conspiracy continued)

• TA 3013 – Zoraîde Al-Jahmîr disappears after a her husband’s failed attempt to have her assassinated.

• TA 3015 – Having joined the Rangers of Ithilien in 3013, during an errand in the South of that realm (near Poros), Túrin is taken prisoner and brought to Umbar. He spends the following five years as a prisoner with one of the desert lords, slowly gaining his trust and even friendship. In Gondor he is believed dead, even by his family and close friends.

• TA 3019 – early spring: Khorazîr, now in the service of the Dark Lord, journeys to Mordor. In Ithilien his company is assailed by rangers, but he and the greater part of the Haradrim force manage to move on to the Morannon. He is among the Southrons who attack Faramir and his company during their retreat from the Causeway Forts, and watches the Steward’s son fight his captain and get hit by an arrow. Before he can reach and kill him, however, he is forced to withdraw because of the onset of Dol Amroth’s cavalry. Faramir is seriously wounded. Khorazîr manages to return to the South after the War.
• TA 3019 – coronation and wedding of King Elessar; Faramir is made Steward of Gondor and Prince of Ithilien
• TA 3019 – summer: the betrothal of Faramir and Éowyn in Edoras. Shortly afterwards Faramir is sent to Minas Tirith to meet an embassy from the Harad. Due to their strict demilitarisation as part of their new-sworn allegiance to Gondor, the Haradrim cannot defend themselves against inroads of marauding Orcs from Mordor any longer, thus asking Gondor’s aid. Also, due to a severe draught in the south there is the danger of a massive famine. Faramir agrees to join the embassy and journey to the Harad to monitor the situation.
            Among the ambassadors are Khorazîr and his two sons Imrazôr and Aravôr. Beyond Poros during a scouting mission Faramir is captured by the two young men and their companions (Khorazîr having left the company some days previously under some pretence). Shortly afterwards, however, they are assailed by orcs. Faramir and Aravôr manage to flee (after the young Haradan having been forced to watch his brother being killed by the orcs). During their joined track through the wilderness of Harondor, always hunted by the orcs they gradually overcome their differences and mutual prejudice. Lacking another secure place to steer to, and because of the harsh weather conditions of late autumn preventing a long sojourn in the wilderness, Aravôr leads Faramir to his father’s castle at Khiblat Pharazôn. There, Khorazîr reveals to Faramir part of the reason for his hatred for him, but not the complete story. He makes his intention of killing the Dúnadan very clear, which leads to Aravôr secretly aiding Faramir’s escape.
• TA 3019 – Midwinter: Having rejoined his company, Faramir returns to Minas Tirith, to there meet Éowyn and her brother. But only a few days afterwards he is forced to return to the Harad to quell an uprising: rebels led by Aravôr have begun to overthrow some of the Haradrim lords. Against his will, because the journey forces him to postpone his wedding with Éowyn set for Súlimë 20th, Faramir sets out again. In the Harad, he accidentally encounters Khorazîr who has been rid of his lordship by the rebels. They fight a duel which Faramir wins, taking Khorazîr prisoner. Unfortunately, the Southron is freed again by his allies and flees into hiding. Together with Aravôr, Faramir manages to establish a fragile peace with the various Southron Lords which is negotiated in Umbar. There, he first comes to the attention of Marek Al-Jahmîr, who realises that in order to undue the peace and destabilise Gondor politically, this young Steward is the right man to strike at.
            On the return journey to Gondor, Faramir meets a company of merchants also journeying north. Amongst them is his friend Túrin, believed dead, who now that the War is ended can finally return to Gondor.

• TA 3020 – wedding of Faramir and Éowyn in Edoras on Midsummer’s Day. Their return journey to Minas Tirith leads them west of the Ered Nimrais and through the southern fiefs to Dol Amroth.  

• TA 3021/Fouth Age 1 – early spring: Aravôr journeys to Gondor and is wounded during an attack at the borders of Ithilien. Faramir learns the true reason of Khorazîr’s hatred of him.

• FO 1 – late spring: because of repeated raids of Gondor’s coastal fiefs by Umbarian corsairs, Elessar leads the fleet to Umbar and defeats the pirates, establishing Beretar as constant governor of the city, and putting it under Gondorian sovereignty. Túrin accompanies him as a counsellor, as well as Vinyaran son of Falastur, Lord of Pelargir, who joins Beretar’s staff.
            To gather information about the King’s expedition, in agreement with Queen Arwen Faramir uses the Palantîr for the first time.
• FO 1 – summer: wedding of Éomer, King of Rohan, and Lóthiriel of Dol Amroth on Midsummer’s Day. Faramir and Éowyn attend the wedding-feast in Edoras. Upon their return to the City, Faramir receives a visit from Khorazîr who challenges him to a final duel. They fight, Khorazîr wins, but spares Faramir’s life. They exchange tokens of peace, and Khorazîr sets out to return to the Harad. On his journey he and his brother-in-law Hamâd are waylayed by a company of outlaws led by Narejde (Naeramarth) near Poros. Hamâd is slain by her men, and Khorazîr who has sworn to avenge his kinsman is sold to Marek Al-Jahmîr for a high ransom, and brought to Ihimbra. There, he is imprisoned and questioned for information about Gondor.
• FO 1 – fall: Faramir and Éowyn move to their new house in the Emyn Arnen, on a site called Dol Arandur which traditionally was the abode of the House of Húrin whence hailed the Stewards.
• FO 1 – winter: Having heard of a band of outlaws marauding in southern Ithilien, Faramir and some of his rangers disguise as Southrons to infiltrate and defeat the bandits. Unfortunately, they soon learn that the leader of the band, Naeramarth, hates all Southrons. Faramir’s companions Damrod and Falborn are slain. After discovering the true gender of the bandit-leader, while she discovers his true identity, he is kept alive, and saved by his rangers. Narejde/Naeramarth is taken prisoner and brought to Gondor for judgement. She is sentenced to death, but after revealing tidings about Khorazîr’s fate, Faramir strikes a deal with her: if she agrees to free Khorazîr from Al-Jahmîr’s prison, she will keep her life, but is forbidden to return to Gondor ever again. She agrees and is set free, and Faramir has to face an inquiry from King and counsel, and is punished for his deliberate disregard of the law.

• FO 2 – spring: Narejde manages to free Khorazîr from the dungeons at Ihimbra al-Soor. Hunted by Zohrân, they elude being recaptured for several months, during which they gradually overcome their mutual hatred and oaths of revenge, and form a friendship which eventually turns into a love-affair. During a final encounter with Zohrân and his men, Narejde and Khorazîr are saved by Aravôr, which leads to a warming of the tense relationship of father and son as well. Zohrân is killed, causing his half-brother Marek Al-Jahmîr to pursue Khorazîr and his friends and family ever more cruelly.
• FO 2 – summer: Khorazîr journeys to Gondor to personally thank Faramir for his interference. He is attacked and poisoned by Umbarian assassins while in Minas Tirith, causing Faramir to ride to Dol Arandur to retrieve the phial with antidote he long ago received from Khorazîr’s nephew during his ill-fated rescue-mission. The antidote saves the Haradan’s life, and a gentle friendship begins to develop between the former enemies.

 • FO 5 – Faramir and Éowyn journey to Khiblat Pharazôn to visit Khorazîr and Aravôr. Éowyn gets bitten by a snake and almost dies, but is saved by Khorazîr.

• FO 7 – having finally conceived a child after seven years of marriage, Faramir and Éowyn lose it again during the early months of Éowyn’s pregnancy, which puts a great strain on their relationship. Only some time later they learn that their apparent infertility was brought about by Al-Jahmîr, to ensure that no heir is born to the Steward of Gondor, who the Umbarian plans to have assassinated to weaken Gondor’s political leadership.

• FO 8 – spring/summer Faramir is entrusted with the task of cleansing Morgul Vale by King Elessar. The enormous workload and difficulty of the task lead to a further strain on his relationship with and estrangement from Éowyn (both still emotionally affected by the miscarriage), leading to her leaving Dol Arandur on her own while he is away in Morgul Vale.
• FO 8 – Yavannië: Receiving word of her departure, Faramir sets out to seek her, accompanied by Túrin. They meet Visilya and Maradir, as well as Maradir’s daughter Cynara, and a company of Elves from Maradir’s realm in the Blue Mountains, an embassy to King Elessar. Faramir and Éowyn settle their difficulties upon discovering that she is with child. Upon reaching Minas Tirith, several attempts at assassination are made on Faramir’s and Éowyn’s lives, and the King and Queen. The sources are unclear, but evidence points towards Umbar. (The Quest of Revenge)
• FO 8 – Hísimë: Faramir and Éowyn journey to Minas Tirith to attend the wedding of Túrin and Visilya. On the road, they are ambushed by Umbarians and taken captive, but rescued by Maradir and his Noldorin friends. They enter the City secretly, meeting a mysterious healer named Teherin who aids pregnant Éowyn, discovering a dark curse in the process which threatens her life and that of the unborn child, and is also the cause for the couple’s long childlessness, and the previous miscarriage. Again, there is evidence that someone in Umbar may be behind this, and the name of Al-Jahmîr is mentioned.
            At the same time, a conspiracy against King and Steward is discovered, one of the leaders being Vinyaran, the second son of Falastur of Pelargir. After trying to poison the guests at Túrin’s and Visilya’s wedding, Vinyaran is taken prisoner, but before he can reveal any information he is killed in prison. Also taken into custody is Falastur’s wife Arúthiel, who is also involved in the conspiracy, and is sentenced to a life-long banishment from Gondor. Despite all difficulties (like the groom almost being murdered by Vinyaran), Túrin and Visilya are wed. (Of Túrin and Visilya)
• FO 8 – fall: After the events at the wedding, Teherin tries to ban the curse on Éowyn, and also begins to discover something about her own mysterious past. Faramir learns more about the conspiracy, and who in Umbar might be interested in killing him and his family. Also, a fire apparently set by Al-Jahmîr’s men ravages parts of Ithilien, causing Faramir to use the Palantír for a second time. (Teherin's Secret)
• FO 8 – winter/early spring: Faramir returns to Morgul Vale to complete the task of its cleansing. He is aided in this by Maradir and King Elessar.

• FO 9 – Elboron, first child of Faramir and Éowyn is born on Lótessë 17th
• FO 9 – Yavannië: Vorondil, first child of Túrin and Visilya is born.
• FO 9 – winter: Faramir spends some time on an errand in South Ithilien and Pelargir, overlooking rebuilding after the disastrous fire. Having met a company of Haradrim merchants near Poros, he does not know that amongst them is Marek Al-Jahmîr himself, who does not reveal his identity to the Steward in order to be able to finally study the man he has tried to get rid of for several years now. When his identity is finally discovered in Pelargir, Falastur who blames the Umbarian for his son’s fall into disgrace and death, imprisons Al-Jahmîr. Before any further steps against the Umbarian can be taken, he is freed by some of his Gondorian allies and returns to the South, but is unable to reclaim his castle at Ihimbra, which is now occupied by his eldest son Minastir, who supports Gondor and King Elessar. Faramir learns of Éowyn’s pregnancy in one of her letters, yet his political duties prevent him from spending as much time with her as he wishes. On her birthday, Éowyn receives an elaborate dress and jewelry from Al-Jahmîr, who turns out to have developed an obsession with her for yet unkown reasons.

• FO 10 – the twins Meriadoc and Peregrin are born to Faramir and Éowyn on Nénimë 26th. While in Minas Tirith, Faramir receives the tidings of Éowyn’s labour in Ithilien the very day, and sets a new record for his ride to Ithilien.
            Two days afterwards, he receives a fake message calling him to Minas Tirith. On the way there, he and his company are attacked by Al-Jahmîr’s men under the command of his half-brother’s son Azrahil. Faramir is poisoned and taken prisoner, but manages to send his horse Narâk home with a message for Éowyn. He is brought to Al-Jahmîr’s hiding-place on Tolfalas, where he is kept prisoner by a vicious poison that prevents him from straying too far from the place. Eventually, Al-Jahmîr contacts Éowyn to negotiate Faramir’s freedom, but at unacceptable terms. Thanks to the buzzard Aiglos, belonging to the Elf Lordel, a friend of Maradir’s, Faramir and Éowyn manage to exchange tidings.
            During his captivity, Faramir manages to form a lose, dangerous allegiance with Azrahil, who soon reveals his reservations about this half-uncles politics, and his siding with certain Gondorian lords that plan to overthrow the King with the help of the Umbarian. Eventually, Faramir annoys Al-Jahmîr so much that the Umbarian attempts to kill him with the poison – an extremely painful death. Faramir is saved by Azrahil’s timely interference (during a journey to Gondor, the young man has switched sides and agreed to furtheron function as Gondor’s spy on Tolfalas), but remains ill for a long time. His recovery is speeded by the aid of a mysterious healer named Zinizigûr. From her, he learns about the true circumstances of Azrahil’s birth, and that he is in fact the supposedly stillborn child of Narejde and Zohrân Al-Jahmîr. Faramir reveals this information to the young man, as a final incentive to end his allegiance to his half-uncle.
            Having finally recovered, Faramir aids Azrahil’s escape: his uncle having found out about his treason, had cast him into the dungeons. Faramir sets the young man free and sends him and a small lion he had come to look after on Al-Jahmîr’s behalf to Ithilien.
            Soon after, fearing discovery at Tolfalas, Al-Jahmîr flees the island. Faramir manages to escape from the ship and spends the following weeks on the rough southern coast of Tolfalas, always hunted and finally wounded and caught again by the Umbarian’s guards. Not long afterward, however, Faramir is finally saved by Elessar and Imrahil, and returns to Dol Arandur shortly before Midsummer’s Day. (Exchange of Letters/Reunion)

FO 11 – summer: Khorazîr journeys home from Ithilien where he has been aiding Éowyn during the time of Faramir’s captivity, and arrives in time for the birth of his first grandchild Hanneh, the daughter of Aravôr and his wife Melike.
FO 11 – wedding of Adûnakhôr Al-Jahmîr, Marek’s second son, and Azrahil’s sweetheart Inzilbêth in Umbar.
FO 11 – summer/autumn: King Elessar and his men hunt far and wide for Al-Jahmîr, who has managed to hide in a small settlement of pearl-divers to the south of Umbar. The hunt remains without success.
• FO 11 – winter: Al-Jahmîr’s forces attacks the borders of Khorazîr’s realm, the first sign of his return. Narejde is wounded and forced the leave the marches and spend some time at Khiblat Pharazôn, during which time Khorazîr proposes to her.
After spending some time in Minas Tirith, Azrahil journeys to the Harad after being invited by Narejde, who after learning about him has finally overcome her concerns and agreed to meet him. His journey (on which he is accompanied by his lioness Pharzi) is made difficult by the long winter, and even more by soldiers led by Akarshân, Zohrân’s favourite son and Azrahil’s half-brother. They attack Azrahil, wound him and take him prisoner, in order to lure Narejde to them and kill her, so that Akarshân can avenge his father’s death.
            With the help of Khorazîr, Narejde manages to free her son, who gets even more seriously wounded in the process, but survives under her care. They finally meet, showing obvious pride in the fact they are related. Akarshân is captured and taken prisoner. (Exchange of Letters)

FO 11/early FO 12 – Marek Al-Jahmîr returns to Ihimbra, casting his son Minastir into prison for siding with Gondor. His men begin to constantly harass the borders of Khorazîr’s realm again, and he sends another splendid present to Éowyn.

FO 12 – summer: Faramir and Éowyn journey to Khiblat Pharazôn to celebrate the wedding of Khorazîr and Narejde on Midsummer’s Day. On the return journey to Gondor a few days afterwards their company is attacked by men under Marek Al-Jahmîr’s personal command at the village of Kadall, on the border to Harondor. Faramir is almost fatally wounded, and Éowyn stunned and taken prisoner, and brought to Ihimbra. (The Snake's Checkmate, currently being written)

To be continued …