The Scarecrow and the Storms

The Explorers of the Chest

The illustrations were completed in 2010. The cover-illustration is watercolour, the interior drawings and chapter-headings are in pencil. All illustrations are A5 in format.

Cover illustration for The Explorers of the Chest, showing protagonist Pantxo with his father's chest.
Chapter 1: The Typewriter
Pantxo and his dad
Chapter 2: The Map
The Explorers
Chapter 3: The Compass
Pantxo finds the compass.
Chapter 4: The Walking-stick


Pantxo is hiking with his family.


Chapter 5: The Symbol of the Explorers
Pantxo and his father find a special grave.
Chapter 6: The Casket
Pantxo and his cousin Guille wonder about the contents of the casket.
Chapter 7: The Christmas Star
Pantxo meets a mysterious old man in the woods.
Chapter 8: The Books
Pantxo and his grandfather approach the chest.


The Scarecrow and the Storms