The Time-Twister series

The Time-Twister series of entertaining and educational books for young readers is being written by Martin Selle and Susanne Knauss and published by Amrûn. I not only contributed the ink and watercolour cover illustrations and between thirty and forty interior ink illustrations, I also designed the layout of the cover as well as the Time-Twister logo.

The series follows the adventures of two siblings who discover a mysterious houseboat with a magical compass that allows them to timetravel or visit places like the interior of the human body. Every book contains the illustrated story and also an pedagogical part with quizzes, riddles and activities.

Volume 1: Die unglaubliche Reise ins Ich

Volume 2: Madagaskar – Insel der Rätseltiere

Volume 3: currently being written


Sample illustrations from volumes 1 and 2: