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Little Brother and Dear Boromir (2006)

A collaboration with Kasiopea



Frodo grieves for Bilbo (1997)

Gandalf comes to Bag End (1997)

Arrival at Bag End (2014)

Hobbit Door (2015)

Gandalf in the archives of Minas Tirith (2007)

Gandalf and Shadowfax (2014)

The Fox (2004)

The Black Rider (1997)

Hiding from the Black Rider (1999)

Three is Company (2011)

The Bonfire Glade (2016)

The Old Forest (1997)

Tom Bombadil (2004)

In the house of Tom Bombadil (1997)

Tom and the Hobbits (2009)

Commissioned by Frank Schmelzer. The watercolour has the form of a dyptych, so actually it consists of two paintings, 30x40 cm in format. Also, it contains a little inside joke.

The Barrow-Downs (1997)

Leaving the Barrow-Downs (2016)

Strider (1997)

Strider reveals his identity (1997)

On the way to Weathertop (1997)

The dark knife (1997)

Journey to Rivendell (2005)

Glorfindel (1998)

(first version of the scene, rejected in favour of the following)

Glorfindel (1998)

Flight to the Ford (1997)

Escaping from the Black Riders (2000)


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