J R R Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings I II III IV V VI

Visiting Shadowfax (2003)

The Lady's gift (2001)

Departure from Dunharrow (1999)

The Door of the Dead (2002)

The Stone of Erech (2015)

The Nazgûl attack (2005)

Pippin and Faramir (2001)

Faramir tells of Frodo and Sam (1999)

Denethor's wrath (1998)

Father and Son (2002)

His lord's will (2004)



Bitter Farewell (1999)



Last Counsel (2005)

Gandalf and Faramir (1998)

Before the battle (1999)

(the same scene in a later version)

Imrahil tends to his nephew (2003)

Last of all he came (2006)

Your son has returned, lord ... (2000)

Denethor grieves for his son (2002)

The Ride of the Rohirrim (2005)

The Black Serpent founders (2005)

The Pyre of Denethor (2004)

Healing Faramir (1999)

Athelas (2004)


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