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The Dead Marshes (1998)

Sam and Frodo (1998)

The fallen Southron (2003)

Faramir (2002)

Encounter with Faramir (1998)

The trial I (1999)


The trial II (1999)

(an alternative view of the scene)

Questioning Frodo (2000)

The funeral-boat of Boromir (1999)

Ithilien (1999)


On the way to Henneth Annûn (1998)

Rejection (2004)

This painting was done as a cover for "The Rejected Quarterly"

Faramir (1998)

A pert servant (2005)

The forbidden pool (1999)

Faramir bids farewell (2003)

The day without dawn (2006)

The stairs of Cirith Ungol (1999)


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