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The Land of Shadow (2005)

The first meeting of Faramir and Éowyn (2000)

"He looked at her ..." (2004)

Lasting impression (2003)

The Houses of Healing (1999)

In the Houses of Healing (2002)

(the same scene in a later version)

Éowyn and Faramir (1999)

"The Eagle's Song" (2017)

"And so they stood on the walls ..." (2004)

Then the heart of Éowyn changed ... (2000)

Faramir and Éowyn (2002)

The Kiss (2007)

The Steward and the King (1999)

Coronation (2004)

Arwen's gift (2004)

Betrothal (2005)

The first meeting of Aragorn and Arwen (2002)

Wedding Portrait (2006)



Sleepless (2004)

This painting originally was only intended as a study in lighting. It illustrates a scene from an online RP based on Tolkien's works in which among other characters I play Faramir. The RP, entitled "Teherin's Secret", can be found here.





And she comforted him (2005)

Another painting inspired by the online-RP "Teherin's Secret" (which is set about 10 years after the War of the Ring). Here Éowyn and Faramir share a quiet moment in troubled times:

"Éowyn helped him over to the windowseats and sat down, letting him lean against her now. "Perhaps it would not have been such a tiring ordeal if there had not been so many other things also weighing on your mind," she said quietly. She began to gently run her fingers through his hair, and, as his breathing began to even, she knew she could easily put him to sleep like this. But hadn't Teherin ordered him to rest anyway? Smiling slightly, she kissed his temple gently and continued to stroke his hair."

(posted by "Lady_of_Rohan")



No Escape (2005)

This scene is set in Fourth Age 10, also based on our fan-fiction: On a journey to Minas Tirith, Faramir's company is ambushed and he is wounded by poisoned darts. Knowing that no escape is possible, he writes a quick message for Éowyn, and sends his horse Narâk home with it, before he himself is captured.

More information about, and parts of the fan-fiction itself can be found here.



Dangerous alliance (2005)

Another painting based on our fanfiction, showing Faramir and one of the "bad guys", the Umbarian Azrahil.


Reunion (2005)

Yet another painting inspired by our fanfiction.

Watching the game (2006)

Inspired by the Reunion-Sequel The Snake's Checkmate.

The Race (2016)


Stargazing (2016)


Family portrait (2003)

This painting shows a scene not directly described in Lord of the Rings, but which may have happened nevertheless. The characters are Éowyn, Faramir and their son Elboron.


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