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30.07.08: Thanks to the publisher's green light I have posted my illustrations for His Majesty's Dragon, the first of Naomi Novik's Temeraire-novels, on this site. The second volume Throne of Jade has just been released by Subterranean Press, and I have completed the illustrations for the third volume Black Powder War, which is going to be published in autumn. I will post the new artwork on this site as soon as I may, of course.

In other news I'm working on a series of booktitles for Portal Editions, afterwards I'm going to look into a new project from G&G Verlag. Hopefully there will be some opportunity to also create some Tolkien artwork in between.

02.07.08: Greek Tales, the book I illustrated for the Austrian publisher G&G Verlag is about to be released shortly. I created a section for the book where the cover-illustration and some of the interior images can be seen.

06.05.08: There's a new drawing ("Faramir preparing an ambush") for The Snake's Checkmate

In other news, at the moment I'm very busy at school, and with illustrations for a children's book on Greek Tales for Austria-based publisher G&G Verlag, which is due to be released in the summer.

Also, the fourth volume of Hither Shore, the annual journal of the German Tolkien Society has been published, again bearing my illustration on the cover. It features the proceedings of last year's Tolkien Conference in Jena, Germany, which dealt with the Professor's "Shorter Works".

11.04.08: The second of Naomi Novik's Temeraire-novels, Throne of Jade is available for pre-order at Subterranean Press. The cover-art was again created by Dominic Harman, and there's a sneak-peek at two of my interior illustrations on the publisher's website, which can be reached by clicking on the image below.

08.04.08: Another publication from Walking Tree Publishers featuring one of my illustrations ("Beren recovers a Silmaril") on the cover has been released: Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings – Sources of Inspiration, edited by Stratford Caldecott and Thomas Honegger.

30.03.08: Perline, a skilled card weaver has contacted me to ask permission to post some of my Tolkien-images next to those of her trims, because in some cases the patterns I painted inspired those of her weaves. I'm fascinated by card weaving, and her trims are truly beautiful. You can check them out here.

23.03.08: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik, the first of her Temeraire-novels published by Subterranean Press is available. I contributed four illustrations to the Limited, and an additional one to the Lettered Edition, which eventually I am going to post in the Temeraire-section of this site, once I get the publisher's permission to do so.

12.03.08: Walking Tree Publishers has just released another book featuring one of my illustrations ("Tom Bombadil") on the cover. The book, edited by Margaret Hiley and Frank Weinreich, bears the title Tolkien's Shorter Works. Click on the image below for more information about its content.

21.02.08: Finally a new Lord of the Rings-inspired painting: "Gandalf in the archives of Minas Tirith". Actually, it was painted last year, but I delayed its publication on my website until the book it was intended for as a cover-illustration was released also. This book, The Lord of the Rings and the Western Narrative Tradition by Martin Simonson, is being published by Walking Tree Publishers.

28.01.08: As announced in the last update, here's the series of drawings inspired by The Hobbit: the ten drawings are 16 x 16 cm in size, and were done in black and red calligraphy-pens.

They are available for sale (including frames) in the shop.

20.01.08: In April, the 5th Tolkien Conference organised by the German Tolkien Society is going to be held in Jena, Germany. This year, the international speakers and Tolkien experts are going to look at The Hobbit. Like last year, I created the poster. More information about the conference can be found here.

Apart from the Hobbit-themed poster, I'm in the process of creating a series of ten small-scale drawings which are going to be exhibited at the conference, and are even going to be for sale – a rare things with original artwork of mine. As soon as they are finished, I'm going to post them on this site, too.

09.01.08: The first of the Limited Edition Temeraire-novels published by Subterranean Press I illustrated is about to head to the printers. A picture of the cover-art by Dominic Harman is available on the publisher's website. Since the Lettered Edition is already sold out, better grab a copy of the Limited Edition before it, too, is gone.

29.12.07: Some more news in the fanfiction-section: I've written a sequel to one of the online-roleplays that was left unfinished. The story is still not quite completed yet, so look out for the sequel to the sequel:

The Lebennin Conspiracy (first part) The original RP as pdf

The Lebennin Conspiracy (continued) The Sequel

26.12.07: I've finally put together a timeline of the major events in our fanfiction stories. Also, there are two new drawings for The Snake's Checkmate

22.11.07: Walking Tree Publishers have used one of my illustrations ("Following the Swans") for one of their latest publications: The Silmarillion: Thirty Years On by Allan Turner. During the past months I created some more cover-illustrations for WTP-books, to be published soon.

03.11.07: I've begun work on the illustrations for the second Temeraire-novel, Throne of Jade for Subterranean Press, while also looking after a number of other projects I will treat in greater detail at a later time. For now there are some new sketches for The Snake's Checkmate in the Drawings-section.

06.10.07: Subterranean Press has posted one of my illustrations for His Majesty's Dragon on their website, together with a note from the author that really made me blush with so much praise. Also, there are some really stunning samples of the interior design of the book, which is scheduled for release in January 2008 (so grab a copy while they are still available). Below I have posted another of my illustrations, which can also be found in the Temeraire-section of my website, together with uncommissioned artwork inspired by the novel. The rest of the new Temeraire-art will see publication in the book first, before it can be seen on my site.

"Levitas' death"

22.09.07: It's Frodo's and Bilbo's birthday today! And I've completed some new sketches inspired by The Snake's Checkmate, this time featuring Éowyn instead of her husband. They can be found in the drawings-section by clicking on the image below.

These sketches are all I managed in regards of new Tolkien-artwork lately, as I'm very busy with the Temeraire-commission and school. But I'm very excited about the dragons, so certainly I won't complain.

19.08.07: I posted some sketches and the final ink-drawing (without text) for the cover-illustration of the Noble Steward's Chronicles in the Drawings-section.

Concerning new artwork: Although there are several new Tolkien-paintings awaiting completion, they will have to wait a while longer. I have been commissioned by Subterranean Press to illustrate a limited edition of His Majesty's Dragon (also published as Temeraire) by Naomi Novik. I'm very pleased and excited about this, and am going to concentrate on drawing Temeraire and Laurence for a while.

For more information about the Temeraire-books, do visit Naomi's website and her lifejournal.

Also, there is a section on my website dedicated to Temeraire. On there I have displayed some artwork I created previously for His Majesty's Dragon, but which is not going to be featured in the illustrated edition.

11.08.07: The latest edition of the Noble Steward's Chronicles, a collection of excellent fanfiction dealing with Denethor and his family is out. I contributed the cover-illustration, entitled "That depends on the manner of your return". The pdf if free for download; just click on the image below.

20.07.07: Finally another watercolour: I've drawn this well-known scene from Lord of the Rings several times, but most of these versions are more than ten years old. So I thought I'd try again, and here's the outcome: "The Kiss"

01.07.07: Finished another etching: "Steward's son". This one as well as the last, "Ranger" (see below) are available for purchase in the shop.

Also, there is a new drawing inspired by The Snake's Checkmate: "Interrogation"

03.06.07: Another sketch for The Snake's Checkmate in the Drawings-section: "Tending the Healer"

21.05.07: An experiment in printmaking: an etching of Faramir, entitled "Ranger". A larger version of the print, as well as the plate and conceptual drawing can be found by clicking on the image below.

17.05.07: Put up some new sketches of Faramir and other characters from The Snake's Checkmate in the Drawings-section. New Gladden Fields-artwork is also in the works.

06.05.07: I have just returned from the 4th Tolkien Seminar of the German Tolkien Society and Walking Tree Publishers in Jena, which, as usual, was an inspiring and thought-provoking event with excellent talks and presentations and good company. During the seminar, two books featuring some small pieces (ink-drawings) of my artwork were released to the public: the third volume of Hither Shore, the interdisciplinary annual journal of the DTG featuring the proceedings of last year's seminar in Mainz; and also Roots and Branches, published by Walking Tree Publishers, a collection of essays by no other but well-known Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey. Clicking on the book-covers below will lead to the respective publisher's website:

02.05.07: Another painting for the Gladden Fields-series: "The Death of Isildur"

21.04.07: The people from Tolkieniana Net kindly send me some information-material about the Festival in Buccinasco to publish at my site. It can be found here.

Also, I'm working on two new paintings for the Gladden Fields-series. It's unlikely, however, that I'll manage to finish one before I leave for Italy due to a massive work-load at school next week.

15.04.07: Finished another watercolour for the Temeraire-series, entitled "A Life Changed".

Also, I have been invited to attend the Festival Tolkieniana in Buccinasco, Italy (near Milan) in about two weeks, where I'm going to hold a talk and exhibit some artwork.

30.03.07: Due to a design-project my students undertake at school and which involves some sewing, I launched a long-desired costume-project which I have been researching for quite some time: a Royal Navy captain's undress coat of the year 1805. Is as complicated as it sounds, especially finding authentic materials. When the uniform is finished, I'm going to put up a few photos (may take a while). All this research, which included repeated viewings of the most excellent film Master and Commander by Peter Weir, readings of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin-novels and related material as well as regular visits to the indispensable websites of the National Maritime Museum with its online exhibition and the fascinating La Couturière Parisienne, also lent inspiration to two new watercolours for the Temeraire-series by Naomi Novik: "Shelter" and "First Flight". A third painting is in the works.

07.03.07: Added another sketch to the Drawings-section, showing Aragorn and Faramir and the Palantír.

04.03.07: My work at school keeping me very busy at the moment (instead of ten hours a week I am teaching twenty-four now), there is not much new stuff to put up. I managed to draw a few sketches inspired by our fanfiction-story The Snake's Checkmate, however, which can be found following the link below:

07.02.07: From May 4th - 6th the 4th Tolkienseminar of the German Tolkien Society is going to be held in Jena, Germany. I was asked to create a poster for the event. Since the seminar looks at Tolkien's "Shorter Works" I chose to illustrate a scene from Farmer Giles of Ham, showing Chrysophylax the dragon and Garm the dog. More information about the seminar at which I am going to exhibit some artwork can be found here.

27.01.07: From January 23rd to February 11th the Polkowickie Centrum Animacji in Polcowice, Poland hosts an exhibition of works by Polish Tolkien-artists. One of my watercolours, "Escaping from the Black Riders" from the year 2000 is also on display there, since I agreed to act as a honorary supporter of the event.

04.01.07: Happy New Year! And to start off with something which is going to occupy me for some time throughout 2007, the first two images from a series of watercolours I'm working on now, illustrating The Disaster of the Gladden Fields from Unfinished Tales by JRR Tolkien. The images below are entitled "Ohtar takes leave of Isildur" and "The Ring has moved on":

17.12.06: Some time ago, I was invited by the editor of the Brothers of Gondor-Fanzine to contribute an illustration. Here it is: "The boys at play"

Also, there are some new samples from my sketchbook in the drawings-section.

20.11.06: A new painting, inspired by our fanfiction-story The Snake's Checkmate: "Watching the game". In terms of composition and lighting the painting was also inspired by the works of one of my favourite artists, Jan Vermeer.

12.11.06: After my collaboration with Jenny Dolfen last year, I'm very pleased to present another joint-venture, this time with well-known Polish Tolkien-artist Catherine Karina Chmiel, also known as Kasiopea. Please visit her website to see more of her artwork.

Since her favourite character from Lord of the Rings is Boromir and mine Faramir, we agreed to each draw and paint "ours" of the twain, writing a letter to his brother: "Little Brother" and "Dear Boromir"

08.11.06: Those who have the opportunity to attend Ring*Con in Fulda this weekend (10.-12.11.) should look out for a set of postcards featuring tasty recipes. They will be sold at the booth of the German Tolkien Society, and to its benefit. Two of the cards were illustrated and layouted by me ("Sonnensterne" and "Schwarze und weiße Reiter"), the other two by Elina Bêlsak:

27.10.06: Recently I discovered a new series of books that have fascinated me so much that they even inspired some artwork: the Temeraire-series by Naomik Novik. They combine my passion for history (and here in particular the Napoleonic period) with dragons — I ended up asking myself why nobody had had this grand idea before. But as it is, I am obliged to Mrs. Novik for taking it up and turning it into such wonderful stories. To find out more about her and the books, visit her website at My own artwork can be found by following the link below.

08.10.06: Yesterday the winners of the German Fantasy Prize 2007 (Deutscher Phantastik Preis) were announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In the category Best Secondary Work the prize was awarded to Hither Shore, the yearbook of the German Tolkien Society for which I created the cover-illustration.

02.10.06: And another update on this fine day: about five years after my last animated film in 2006, I was asked by fellow teachers of Johanneum Gymnasium in Herborn to contribute a short animation to the film they were making for the school's 50th anniversary. I decided to animate the school's logo, Prometheus.

The finished clip was used as a break between different features in the film. The frames were drawn with edding on transparent paper.

Prometheus quicktime (439 KB)

02.10.06: An update in the Illustration-section: "Schule macht Spaß" (School is fun), a collection of funny episodes of school life at Johanneum Gymnasium, the school I was student and now am a teacher at, by former teacher Friedrich Graffmann. I contributed some ink-drawings.

Also, a new story has been begun in the Fanfiction-section: The Snake's Checkmate

22.09.06: Hey, it's Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday today, I just recalled. How nice. Sorry for the long silence. I've been rather busy with commissions and at work — my contract at my school has been renewed, and now I'm also teaching older students (grade 11) which is a new challenge. I hope to be able to update with more new stuff soon (Tolkien and non-Tolkien). Most of what I have been working on over the summer is either awaiting publication, or else is not quite finished yet.

For now only a small update in the Fanfiction-section: written as a birthday-present for a friend of mine, and taking up an episode mentioned in one of our Tolkien-inspired RPGs, here's a shortstory about Faramir's and his friends' adventures during their childhood: Frogbreeders

Also, two new posters have been added to the shop:

17: Following the Swans 18: Wedding portrait

19.07.06: So much for a break from drawing a certain Steward of Gondor ... As requested by some very persuasive ladies at, a wedding-portrait of Éowyn and Faramir. The carved portal in the background was inspired by portals of the Norwegian stavechurches of Borgund and Høre.

04.07.06: Inspired by an excellent fanfiction-story based on "Lord of the Rings", and entitled "The Falcon and the Star", I created a series of eight ink-drawings. These, as well as a link to the actual story and other stories by author Raksha_the_Demon can be found following the link below:

23.05.06: New LotR-painting, "Last of all he came":

03.05.06: So I watched this documentary about Michelangelo Buonarotti which showed plenty of his wonderfully inspiring drawings (wish I could visit the current exhibition at the British Museum), and moreover recalled a number of requests for a shirtless Faramir ...

17.04.06: There have been requests for a full portrait of a certain Steward of Gondor. I experimented with several different poses (the sketches of which can be found in the Drawings-section), until I decided upon the one below. The final painting is in watercolour, and entitled "King's Steward"

05.04.06: I've been rather busy with teaching at school and evening school, commissions, other work and life in general, so here's only a small update — although new Tolkienartwork is awaiting completion. In the Fanfiction-section I've begun editing the Tolkien-inspired online RPG-threads I'm involved in into a more reader-friendly pdf-format. Also I've begun to write a proper ending to the still unfinished "Lebennin Conspiracy" which I'm going to post there as soon as it's completed.

And for the Faramir-fans there's also this, entitled "Asleep" (actually it's been up in the Drawings-section for quite some time, but since I wasn't quite happy with it, yesterday I changed it slightly and uploaded it again):

09.02.06: Since my series of paintings for the tale of Tuor from "Unfinished Tales" is not complete yet, I have returned to this story. More UT inspired artwork is going to come soon. Below is a scene which has existed in sketches for several years, and now finally found its manifestation in watercolour: "Following the Swans"

01.02.06: First Tolkien-painting of the new year: "The day without dawn"

27.01.06: After some time of absence a life-sign from me. New Tolkien-inspired artwork is in the works, and I hope to be able to post it on this site soon.

For today there's news from the German Tolkien Society for all those interested in scholarly perspective on JRR Tolkien and his works: the second volume of their yearbook "Hither Shore" can be purchased at Scriptorium Oxoniae from February 1st. The book contains essays in English and German, mainly proceedings from the 2nd Tolkien Seminar in Jena last year. Again my illustration was used for the cover.

05.12.05: New LotR-painting: "A pert servant":

27.11.05: A short while ago Herborn's Historical Society published a collection of poems: "Consommé Althusius – Gedichte für Herborn". Written by Johann Peter, this book is a lyrical, amusing and often quite critical walk through my hometown. I contributed eleven ink-drawings as well as the layout.

Also there's an Interview with the polish Tolkien-website Cyberdusk:

(copy and paste the link; direct linking doesn't seem to work as one gets redirected to the main Cyberdusk site instead of the English version of the Interview)

10.11.05: Inspired by the autumn-weather and the hilly, wooded countryside around where I live – here's another new Tolkien-painting: "Journey to Rivendell"

25.10.05: A new Tolkien-painting: "Last Counsel"

18.10.05: Like last year, some of my artwork has been selected for this year's "The New Masters of Fantasy"-collection:

16.10.05: It's finally online, in collaboration with the Gallery in Wetzlar, Germany I have created a special website for items featuring my artwork that can be purchased. Available are artprints, posters, postcards, t-shirts and more.

In the days to come, I'm going to slightly change the navigation on my site so that the shop can be accessed more easily. Look out for the red dragon, the shop's logo:

30.09.05: The past weeks have been busy as I started a new job: I'm an art-teacher at my old grammar school now. So far I've been enjoying this new challenge, despite it making for a busy schedule with my other obligations. Still, I managed to finish new artwork. One, "Reunion", is again based on the Tolkien-inspired fanfic I'm involved in:

The other is inspired by Lord of the Rings: "After the dream"

25.08.05: So what's new? Not long ago I returned from Tolkien 2005, a five day long international conference organised by the Tolkien Society. I had been invited as a guest, and exhibited some watercolours in the artshow. Also, I was asked to join the other invited artists Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith and Tim Kirk in a panel-discussion and even an autograph session (which was a very weird experience for me, especially when people actually came and asked me for autographs). I really enjoyed the event and the fact that so many people from all over the world participated. It was over far too soon.

But another mostly academic Tolkien-event is about to begin: from September 8th to 11th the "Phantastische Bibliothek" (Fantastical Library) in Wetzlar, Germany are holding their annual conference "Tage der Phantastik" (Days of Fantasy), this year dealing with the works of JRR Tolkien.


Accompanying the event, there is going to be an exhibition of some of my Tolkien-inspired watercolours at the Gallery Kunst+, Wetzlar, email: . At the gallery prints (both signed artprints and digitally printed posters), postcards, CD-Roms and T-Shirts with my artwork are available, as well as original paintings. More information about these products is going to appear on this website soon, too.

Lastly there is some new artwork, again illustrating a work by JRR Tolkien, but one of the lesser known ones: "The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun", published 1945 in The Welsh Review. I came across it because I was asked by Ryszard Derdzinski of the Polish Fantasy Society "Parmadili" to create an illustration for the cover of their magazine Simbelmynë.

07.08.05: Another new Silmarillion-painting: "Oromë espies the first Elves"

24.07.05: A new Silmarillion-painting: "Aredhel"

12.07.05: I'm still around, and have even been productive when time allowed. I joined forces with renowned Tolkien artist Jenny Dolfen for a collaboration on a Silmarillion piece: "Celegorm and Curufin". She painted one part, I the other. Below are the two assembled as a kind of comicstrip. More information about this collab can be found here.

02.06.05: Finally I managed to complete new Tolkien artwork. Both paintings are inspired by "Lord of the Rings": "The Nazgûl attack" and "The Land of Shadow"

17.05.05: New artwork is in the works, so for the moment only a small update: recently I've been interviewed twice, once by the website The Council of Elrond, and once by La PoetriCe, a German online magazine.

Council of Elrond Interview (English)

La PoetriCe Interview (German)

The last weekend in May I'm going to attend the 20th Tolkien Day of the German Tolkien Society in Berlin, where I'm going to exhibit some of my artwork. Moreover there's going to be an illustration workshop. More information here.

The GTS has published their first annual Yearbook: "Hither Shore 1 -- Tolkien und seine Deutungen". Hither Shore documents the proceedings of the Tolkien Seminar from the year past. In addition there are scholarly essays by members of the GTS or direct associates. I created the cover-illustration and contributed ideas to the title-layout.

19.04.05: In my drawing-class yesterday the topic was to draw a buzzard. I had organised a stuffed one, and sketched it alongside my students. Here's the result: the buzzard Aiglos from our stories, rendered in charcoal.

Also, I put up Faramir's original handwritten message in the fanfiction-section (the scan was kindly provided by Lady_of_Rohan).

10.04.05: Another painting based on our fanfiction: "Dangerous alliance". It was also inspired by my research on historical Saracen armour and clothing.

08.04.05: A painting based on LotR again: it was "commissioned" by the makers of the documentary film "Ringers: Lord of the Fans" that has had its successful debut at the Slamdance Film Festival in January, and is soon going to show at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 23, 2005. The filmmakers asked me to paint a scene from the battle on the Pelennor Fields. Here it is, "The Black Serpent founders":

27.03.05: By public demand, a link to some the fan-fiction stories I'm involved in, and which inspired the painting "No Escape": Letters

Since we're still continuing the story, watch out for regular updates.

17.03.05: Another Tolkien-painting inspired by our fan-fiction story, entitled "No Escape". I'm working on more Unfinished Tales and LotR-paintings, and hope to be able to update again soon.

03.02.05: Among the Tolkien-events planned for this year, the most important one for me is the international conference Tolkien 2005 in Birmingham, UK in August, celebrating 50 years of "The Lord of the Rings". The Tolkien Society has invited me as a guest, and also asked me to illustrate the cover of their 4th Progress Report which contains information on the event (and a short interview with me). The cover, an ink-drawing of Faramir, can be found below, with type (Adobe Caslon) and without.

Also there is a painting of a scene from the Tolkien-inspired online-RP "Teherin's Secret" (set about 10 years after the War of the Ring) I'm involved in. It's entitled "And she comforted him", and is based on a post by Lady_of_Rohan who writes for Éowyn (the quote can be found here).


27.01.05: New Tolkienpainting: "The Ride of the Rohirrim"

10.01.05: First update in the new year: another Tolkienpainting: "Betrothal"

10.12.04: Another Tolkienillustration: "The Pyre of Denethor"

01.12.04: Two new Tolkienillustrations: a watercolour painting entitled "Crossing Nimrodel", and a drawing in oil pastels of Faramir.

17.11.04: Finally managed to put the "Alexander the Great"-stuff online ...

04.11.04: A premiere: I have completed my first illustration for J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". It's entitled "Dúrin's Day", and is available as 2005 calendar from the German Tolkien Society.

And another illustration for "Lord of the Rings", entitled "His lord's will":

03.11.04: The book on Alexander is out, and I'm in the process of preparing a new section on this site that's going to deal with this project. So watch out for that.

There is news on the job-front, as I have taken up a position as teacher of drawing courses for children and adults at the local evening school.

I'm pleased that some of my Tolkien-inspired paitings have been chosen for the prestigious "Masters of Fantasy"-Collection that showcases some of the best Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror-art of 2004. For more information, follow the link below:

Also there is new Tolkien-artwork: "Coronation"

24.09.04: I'm still around, but have been very busy in the past months. Most of the time was spent on the illustrations for a new book by Heel-Publishers about Alexander the Great. When the release-date draws closer I'm going to post more information (and images, of course) here.

But there's a new Tolkienillustration, "Athelas":

and an ink-drawing for Mimi of Ace Nine:

15.07.04: Finally I managed to put the Ace Nine-stuff online: Ace Nine is a rockband that has recently released its first CD "Burgers by Satellite". They asked me to design the interior of their CD-booklet.

Also there's another Tolkienpainting, entitled "The Fox", illustrating one of the strangest scenes in the entire "Lord of the Rings". The respective quote can be found here.

19.06.04: A small intermediate update: a new Tolkien-painting, "Tom Bombadil". In the first place it was created for "Ringers: Lord of the Fans", a filmproduction about to use this painting and others of my repertoire.

02.06.04: Sorry for the long silence, but during the past two months I have been quite busy: working on several small commissions, some of which I will put on the site shortly, doing the layout for the "Flammifer", the magazine of the German Tolkien Society, working at a florist (my other job at the moment) and enjoying the mostly good weather cycling in the beautiful countryside around my hometown Herborn, and gathering inspiration while doing so. In May I had a small exhibition of some of my Tolkien-paintings at the Tolkienfest at Hohensolms near Giessen.

Concerning the site: There's a new Tolkien-painting, "Arwen's gift", in the LotR-section.

I have updated the Troy-section with a few more images. The book is on sale now, e.g. at Also there is the chance for aquiring T-shirts with some of the characters I drew. There's a link here and in the Troy-section itself. There's more information on Stefan Servos' site

04.04.04: Well, here it is, the "major update". There is a new LotR-painting, "Escape from Osgiliath".

In the illustration-section I added two of my latest commissions: one was the illustration of a series of historical ghoststories of my hometown Herborn for the local newspaper, the other involved the creation of drawings for a book on Troy published by Heel-Publishers.



11.03.04: Another new painting in the LotR-section. I hope to be able to launch a greater update to the site soon, with some stuff other than Tolkienillustrations.

22.02.04: Finally a new painting for the Tuor-series, entitled "Cousins"

12.02.04: A new drawing in the drawings-section, and some small updates in various other places.

29.01.04: Another new painting, in the same LotR-section as the previous one.

28.01.04: The German version is finally online. And the Beowulf-script is working. Yay!

25.01.04: Obviously a script in the Beowulf-section isn't working properly, which means that images can't be viewed in their large version. I'll see to it presently.

22.01.04: First update: a new painting in the Lord of the Rings-section.

21.01.04: Fixed the quicktimes (or rather, Christian did) and altered a few small things in the design. All should work now.

19.01.04: Fixed the image-links. Only the quicktimes aren't working yet, but I'll see to that presently. Created a start-page.

18.01.04: Well, here it is at last: my website! Having published my artwork on other sites for several years, I thought it high time to finally design one of my own. This is my first attempt at webdesign, and surely there are things that can be improved, so I appreciate comments and constructive criticism.

Thanks a lot to Christian Krämer of the Edoras-site (Tolkien art) for his help. And now, feel free to browse the site. The links to view larger versions of images and watch video-clips are not working yet, but I will update them in the next couple of days.

PS: Eine deutsche Version der Seite ist in Arbeit. Alle, die mit der englischen nicht so klarkommen, bitte ich um etwas Geduld.